• Updates from the talks

    How is the rulebook developing? What are the noteworthy country and group positions? Find very brief daily updates here with all you need to know on progress and challenges in the COP24 negotiations.


    5.12. Good progress in talks​

    After co-chairs said in opening plenaries that they wanted to have a first iteration by mid-week, new draft texts have already emerged.


    5.12. Polish Presidency​

    Polish hosts of COP24 are playing an increasingly significant role in chairing discussions and exploring landing grounds. “Texts are solidly in the hands of Parties” stressed one EU negotiator in mid-afternoon.


    5.12. Demand for ambition outcome​

    Heads of delegations discussed the legal format of the COP decision and how to capture outcomes on the Talanoa Dialogue, the IPCC 1.5 report, and a signal of countries intentions to increase ambition.


    5.12. Negotiations are maturing

    Talks on the rulebook and on finance continue across the board – and remain complex. Negotiators try to make as much progress as possible before Ministers arrive.


    5.12. Canada is ready​

    After India, now Canada signaled that it is ready to increase its climate commitments under the Paris agreement by the 2020 deadline.


    6.12. Support for Talanoa

    In the wrap-up meeting of the preparatory phase of the Talanoa Dialogue countries unanimously expressed their appreciation of the process and the exchange of views.


    7.12. New texts emerged

    Negotiators have agreed new “iterations” of many parts of the Paris rulebook, progress has also been made on climate finance. But some issues remain that require Ministers’ guidance next week.


    7.12. Technical negotiations wrap up

    The deadline for finalizing the technical negotiations is approaching. Text will be forwarded to the COP, with the Presidency taking the lead in facilitating discussions on outstanding issues.


    7.12. Saudi Arabian isolation continues

    In the stocktake countries consistently made reference to the urgency outlined in the IPCC 1.5 report - except Saudi-Arabia who pushed back again on any reference to 1.5°C.


    8.12. Final sprint

    Negotiators finished technical negotiations in APA (reducing >300 to <100 pages of text), and are working full speed to wrap up SBSTA and SBI today. Co-chairs then have the difficult task to reconcile different country positions before the gavel drops.


    8.12. EU confident for week 2

    The EU sees one of biggest challenges for week 2 in allowing continued technical discussions on outstanding issues while ministers discuss topics where interpretation of provisions of the Paris Agreement still differs among parties, but is confident that solutions will be found.

  • Major announcements

    The most newsworthy announcements and reports related to climate change that are shaping conversations at COP24.

    8.12 Climate March takes COP24 to the streets

    Around 4000 people took part in the Climate March. There was a mixture of international and local participants with very diverse slogans. Catholic groups marched under the slogan "Let us be protectors of Creation" taken from Pope Francis. Among the Polish groups, there were protesters against the coal mine expansion in Imielin and against the controversial Ostrołęka power plant as well as numerous anti-smog NGOs.

    7.12. OPEC and Russia agree to reduce oil production

    OPEC, together with non-OPEC members, including Russia, reached a deal to cut oil production removing 1.2 million barrels a day from the world market.

    7.12. Germany is the “Fossil of the Day”

    The former climate champion Germany admitted in the Multilateral Assessment today that it will miss its 2020 emissions reductions target of 40 % (compared to 1990) by 8 %. Germany delayed its plan for pre-2020 climate action until after COP24. Therefore it was awarded the “Fossil of the Day” by CAN today.

    6.12. Climate and security

    New Zealand released a defence policy statement on Thursday identifying climate change as the country’s most significant security threat. Climate action and adaptation cooperation with Pacific Island States was recognised as an important strategic goal for the country.

    5.12. Reason for optimism​

    A newly released Nature commentary, co-authored by Christiana Figueres, Corinne Le Quéré, Anand Mahindra, and co-signed by more than 100 leading experts, outlines three reasons for optimism: key technologies are on track; subnational action to reduce emissions is gaining momentum even in countries where national commitments are retreating, and there is growing support for bolder Paris targets.

    5.12. Global CO2 emissions rise again in 2018

    The Global Carbon Project report reveals that global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and industry are projected to rise for the second consecutive year in 2018. The rapid growth in low carbon technologies are not yet sufficient to cause global emissions to peak, let alone drive emissions aggressively down as required by the Paris agreement.

    5.12. WHO releases report at COP24

    According to a report released by the WHO at COP24, the health benefits of meeting the Paris goals outweigh costs by far. “When health is taken into account, climate change mitigation is an opportunity, not a cost.” said Dr Maria Neira WHO director of public health.

    5.12. Saudi Arabia and Brazil are “Fossil of the Day”

    Saudi Arabia and Brazil picked up a joint “Fossil of the Day” by the Climate Action Network. Riyadh was blamed by campaigners for blocking talks over the Talanoa Dialogue and “bullying” the Arab Group. Brazil won due to increased rates of Amazon deforestation and the election of Bolsonaro.

    4.12. Volkswagen phases out combustions cars

    Volkswagen announced that it will sell no more combustion cars after 2040 and will put the last fossil-fuel based models on the market in 2032. According to Bloomberg the decision “marks a sea change for Volkswagen, which became the poster child of car pollution after it admitted to cheating on emissions tests in a scandal involving 11 million vehicles worldwide.”

    4.12. Maersk abandons fossil fuels

    The world’s largest container shipping company Maersk pledges zero emissions by 2050. “We will have to abandon fossil fuels. We will have to find a different type of fuel or a different way to power our assets. This is not just another cost-cutting exercise. It’s far from that. It’s an existential exercise, where we as a company need to set ourselves apart,” Soren Toft, Maersk’s chief operating officer, told the Financial Times.

    4.12. Banks to align their lending portfolios with Paris goals

    At the Global Climate Action Opening with UNSG Guterres on Tuesday, leading banks announced a landmark finance collaboration. ING, BBVA, BNP Paribas, Standard Chartered and Société Générale committed to measuring the climate alignment of their lending portfolios, with the aim of steering them in line with the Paris Agreement.

    4.12. Poland is “Fossil of the Day”​

    On Saint Barbara’s day, the patron saint of miners, CAN International awarded the first “Fossil of the Day Award” of this COP to host country Poland, for Duda saying that “there is no contradiction between climate protection and coal use” and “for downplaying the urgency of climate action”.

    3.12. India on track to meet current climate targets

    India’s environment minister confirmed on Monday that the country is on track to meet many of its current climate targets in the early 2020s. IEEFA analysts find that India will even likely achieve its 2030 targets for non-fossil fuel power generation and emissions reductions ten years before the 2030 deadline.

    3.12. World Bank to double investments in climate action

    World Bank CEO Kristalina Georgieva announced today at COP24 their plan to double investments in climate action to about $200 billion from 2021-2025, with a major component targeting adaptation to higher temperatures, wilder weather and rising seas.

    2.12. Former presidents declaration

    Four former UN climate talks presidents have issued an unprecedented ‘call to arms’ as the COP24 UN climate summit opens in Katowice.


    Frank Bainimarama (Fiji - COP23); Salaheddine Mezouar (Morocco - COP22); Laurent Fabius (France - COP21) and Manuel Pulgar Vidal (Peru - COP20) say governments must use the COP24 summit to send an “unequivocal message” that all nations will boost their climate plans by 2020, as requested under the Paris Agreement, and accelerate the shift of finance away from fossil fuels.

    1.12. G20 Leaders Summit

    The G20 Leaders’ Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has just ended with a strong message for delegates at COP24. 19 world leaders reaffirming their commitment with climate action and the implementation of the Paris Agreement.


    For the first time, a G20 communiqué stresses the urgency of keeping global warming below 1.5°C. The IPCC Special Report on 1.5 is mentioned, further highlighting it. US President Donald Trump has further isolated himself and his country from the global consensus.

    30.11. China-France-UN Declaration

    Just two days before the start of COP24, two key players in the global climate talks, France and China, have teamed up with the UNSG to release a press statement on climate change in which they reaffirm their strong support for the Paris Agreement as an “irreversible process and a compass for strong climate action”.


    Foreign Minister of France Jean-Yves Le Drian, State Councilor and Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi, and Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, agree to "cooperate closely to make this summit (UNSG) a defining moment to accelerate action, increase ambition and mobilize the required resources to achieve an ecological transition.”

    28.11. EU: Carbon Neutral Europe by 2050

    The European Commission called for a carbon neutral Europe by 2050 in the launch of its proposed EU long-term climate strategy. The climate vision includes eight different pathways that can drag the EU’s economy onto a Paris-compliant trajectory. This climate strategy is a first step to net-zero emissions from the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gases.


    At COP the European Commission will hold a high-level event on the 12 December where it will present the LTS and reactions by EU member state representatives.

    28.11. Green Climate Fund (GCF)

    Shortly before the start of COP in Katowice Germany announced that it will provide more aid to poor countries to combat the consequences of global warming and double its contribution to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to €1.5 billion.


    27.11. France national low-carbon strategy

    France presented its revised “national low-carbon strategy”, which aims for net zero GHG emissions by 2050, in line with the recent IPCC report on how to limit global warming to 1.5C.

  • What to look out for next

    Which press conferences are worth attending in the coming days? Which reports are expected to be released?

    8.12. Katowice Climate March


    WHEN: Noon CET
    WHERE: Katowice, plac Wolności

    8.12. Global Climate and Health Summit

    WHEN: 13:00 pm - 17:00 pm CET
    WHERE: University of Silesia Rectorate, Bankowa 12 Street, Katowice

    8.12. Closing plenaries of the SBSTA, SBI and APA

    08-Dec-2018, 18:00

    8.12. Plenary meeting of the COP


    08-Dec-2018, 19:00 tbc

    9.12. Climate Mass at the Katowice Cathedral

    Archbishop of Katowice, Wiktor Skworc will celebrate a mass to celebrate and support the COP24 process and care for all creation in the Cathedral at 10 am. This follows the prayers for the successful COP that happened last Sunday in most of the parishes in Poland.

    10.12. Launch of the Climate Change Performance Index 2019 by Germanwatch

    The review charts the efforts that have been made to avoid dangerous climate change, and also evaluates the various countries’ current efforts regarding the implementation of the Paris Agreement. More info here.


    07-Dec-2018, Press conference at 10.30, Room Katowice, COP24

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